FM200 Suppression System

Heptafluoropropane known as FM200® is a clean, safe fire fighting agent suitable for use in total flooding automatic extinguishing systems. FM200® is highly recommended for protecting high valued assets from fire disaster.

Foam Suppression System

 This is a special foam designed for fire suppression. This system works by cooling the fire and coating the fuel while preventing its contact with oxygen. This process eventually results in effective suppression of combustion.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers are range of fire extinguishers used in fighting contained fire incidence. They are available for immediate use on small fire events because they contain limited amount of extinguishing material.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Delmatic Nigeria Limited is a fire fighting equipment dealer and a multilateral fire engineering company. We deal on all kinds of fire fighting products and provide specialized fire prevention services to individuals, governments, corporate bodies, religious bodies and NGOs using latest fire fighting technologies.

From basic fire fighting products to advanced fire prevention solution, you are assured of quality products and services at all times.

Our Fire Fighting Products & Solutions

Below are our range of fire fighting products

Fire Engines:
Our range of fire fighting vehicles known as fire engines are designed to service residential estates, oil depots, religious headquarters, shopping malls, garages, schools, etc. We also give our prospective fire engine customers basic training on how to use our fire fighting vehicles to ensure maximum usage efficiency.
Fire Extinguishers:
We are one of the major importers of high quality fire extinguishers in Nigeria. We import and stock all kinds and sizes of high quality fire extinguishers like foam fire extinguisher series, Powder fire extinguisher series, water mist fire extinguisher series, halon 1301 and FM200® automatic fire suppressant systems. These products are imported by us from the best brands in the fire engineering domain to give you unbeatable quality assurance and at the same time giving you more value for your money.
Fire Protection Kits:
The importance of personal fire protection cannot be overemphasized just as fire outbreaks occur without warning. As a precautionary measure therefore, owning some of the personal fire protection kits like blankets, boots and helmet will always do more good than harm. And, Just like our fire extinguisher series, these products are guaranteed for optimum performance.
Fire Fighting Kits and Accessories
We import and stock all kinds of original fire fighting solutions and accessories like Fire Hydrant, Fire Hose Reel, Fire Cabinet, Fire Hose, Water Nozzle, Fire Alarm and other accessories. All our fire fighting kits and accessories reflects our indisputable commitment to quality assurance.